Quirk of Habit
Annoying habits? For my Mom they would be the fact that I collect cups. I have my morning coffee with breakfast and then finish it while reading the paper. I put it on the end table. In the afternoon I might have another cup. Do I use the same one…no I get a clean one out of the cupboard. It would bug Mom. I can still hear her “Jennifer you have a collection again go take those out to the kitchen!”

Another one would be that I crack my arms. If I did a lot of yard work it would be worse.

Probably the fact that I would use up the last of the ice cubes or I would leave one left so technically it’s not empty. “Who put this away empty?” Using up the toilet paper and not putting a new roll on. And don’t get me started on the over/under debate. For our old dishwasher mom and Janet had a different way of loading than I did. I figured if the dishes were in who cares? So eventually they just did it themselves.

Janet would wear clean clothes out of the basket until it was empty and then it was time to do laundry again. Drove me nuts. But I don’t like mating socks so she would do that job.

We were watching Wheel of Fortune with my Grandpa and Janet yelled out the answer and we soon learned that was a no no. My grandma used to put her hair in pin curls before she went to bed. She would put face cream on too. The first time I saw her I was scared! I remember thinking how could anyone sleep like that? The price for beauty.

Oh…just thought of another one. I talk to myself. Mom would yell out “who are you talking to?” It was thinking out loud. Maybe it was because Janet always knew what I wanted that I never had to talk. I missed that after she died because I had to learn how to converse with people.

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