Money for Nothing
I know that this prompt talks about your perfect job but the word money jumped out at me when I read the prompt.
When I was young I never really thought about money. I knew we weren’t rich but I knew my parents had enough money in the bank to pay for things. My Dad would give us money to go to the candy store once in a while. We went out for lunch for PD days…we didn’t have to go without. Both my parents grew up on a farm.
After my Dad retired my Mom used to say it was easier when they didn’t have as much money when they were first married. Because when you have more money you have more investments which leads to more taxes. My Dad wasn’t cheap but they were both frugal with their money.
Right now money takes on a different connotation because I’m dealing with my Mom’s estate. As soon as someone dies their value is tied to how many assets they have. It makes it tougher for me because the greatest thing she gave me was love. I remember when my grandparents died and Mom divided up the jewlery and stuff as fairly as she could but I really didn’t care. It just seemed so trivial.
As I’ve written before there is a certain status that comes with money. Mom was a season ticket holder to plays at the Theatre. Occasionally she would buy us tickets for the musical in the spring. Janet and I would laugh at the ladies talking about their fancy lunches and their condos in Florida..oh and how they had a terrible time finding a place to park their cars. We took the bus which stops right outside the theatre. One day we even got to chat with the guy from Polka Dot Door as the actors exit was right near the bus stop. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for enjoying the finer things in life but we couldn’t understand it because we had never lived it. We just thought everyone deserved to be treated the same regardless of money.
Today is Family Day in Canada. I would give every penny I had to be able to spend one day with my family.


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