Not a secret anymore

Evasive Action
Growing up Janet and I were responsible girls for the most part. But we did have secrets. I’m good at keeping secrets because nobody would believe I’ve done something bad.
Our big secret isn’t really jaw dropping…we used to skip church to go to the candy store beside the church. It started in Grade 3 but escalated when we were teenagers. We would sit in the balcony and go down the stairs for sunday school and instead of going to class we would continue out the door. Then when it was 5 to 12 we would wander back in and no one was the wiser. Can’t do that now because every door is locked. We knew what the weekly studies were at the time because we worked through the lectionary. The reason we were never found out (until later but there is more to story) was because we used our own money. I was talking to my neighbour one day when I was helping sort books for the church library and she was shocked “you did that too?” Her son used half of his collection and she got a letter from the Christian Development person with her givings for the year and she wondered why it was so low. She made her son pay it all back out of his allowance along with a letter of apology.
My Dad was shocked when he found out at Janet’s funeral that we did this. My Aunt laughed. The former minister of the church I know attend was shocked too. Why did I tell a story that I could’ve kept forever? Because I wanted people to know that we weren’t the goodie goodies that they thought we were. That we got in trouble, we went along with the crowd.
So there you have it…my big secret.


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