My Talented Grandma

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The other day I found the baby quilts that you see on the left. I can’t believe how much detail is in it. I’m pretty sure she did most of her quilting by hand too. I posted it on facebook and my Uncle said “those are keepers” which has cinched it for me. It’s hard because I know that I can’t keep everything but at least these are small. I came across a yellow one. I was wondering where it was because I thought surely she made one to match my room. It really is a lovely shade of yellow.
Growing up my Grandma made all of our clothes, plus she made quilts for all 5 of her grandchildren, dresses for Mom. She patched Rob’s jeans, hemmed pants, cut our hair, had time to make us cookies. I took it all for granted. She made our Grade 8 graduation dresses. I still have mine. 3 guesses what colour it is. I was going to wear it when I got confirmed but I had strep throat so I had to get confirmed (joining the church) in November. I had a similar dress only it was long sleeve. The pattern on the material was the same except it was wine. I loved that dress it was so elegant. I don’t have any pictures of me in it but I can see it as clearly in my mind as if I did. She even made me a sash to go with it because she had a little extra material. She made Janet a new dress for our cousins wedding too.
My Uncle laughs because my Grandma saved every pattern she ever used. Which is probably an exageration but we were 17 when she died and she had patterns when we were babies.
When my Grandma died my Grandfather got rid of the sewing machine soon after she died. At the time I didn’t get it but now I do. It was such a reminder for him. That was where she sat almost everytime we went over to the apartment. It’s like Dad’s tools…her essence is in that.
I will be taking a quilt to auction off for conference. I think Grandma would be really proud that her work would be going to help an organization that helps her granddaughter.
Thanks Grandma.


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