The Lovely House

Mad Libs
Tuesday morning I had a guy come to take out Mom’s stairlift. He came in the door and asked where it is and I pointed for our staircase is in the middle of the house. “Oh that’s easy”. Then I told him he would find the cord to plug down in the basement. While he was working I went out to the kitchen to do some stuff. He goes down to the basement and when he came back up says “you have a lovely old home. I really like it”. On Wednesday I had an assistant for grocery guy and she had to come to front door since side steps were a little icy. She was standing in front hall and says “you have a lovely home”. Two complete strangers said exactly the same thing. And the living room is a mess because I’m sorting stuff in boxes. But they both saw past that.

The great thing about my home is there is a powder room on the main level. So many older homes don’t have one. Plus a good sized entranceway and decent sized hall closet. More than enough room for coats for 5 people. Our neighbour had a very dinky hall closet so she had to supplement with a coat rack.

Most people think we only have a 3 bedroom house. It is 4 but the only large bedroom is the master. My room is L shaped due to it being off the bathroom and shower cuts into it. But I love my room. That’s what makes it original. I also have an archway into my room which I also love. The arches are what gives the house character. My brother’s old room is what I use as an office. Mom called it the computer room and my brother still called it “MY” room. Janet’s room is painted peach. Dad asked her many times “are you sure?” and she was.


This is a picture of my room after it was painted. The colour is called “yellow raincoat”. At first it was a little darker than I intended but I do like it. The dark furniture grounds it plus I have white curtains. It reminds me of a sunrise. I had new carpet installed afterwards (I redid entire room) and the guy told me so many people are afraid of colour I really like this. I told a twin friend that after my Dad died I lived in a world of grey that I didn’t want my room to be that too. My Dad would never have let me pick that colour. There was a sense of pride in looking at it once it was all done.

It’s starting to hit me that I am going to be leaving my home. This is the place where my parents brought me and my sister home from the hospital. I’m sitting in the room where we slept. So many memories.

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