Feeling excited

twinstshirtmeShape Up or Ship Out
How does it feel to be known from the start?
A feeling of fullness inside my heart
People who “get it”, they already know
They’ve suffered the loss and sorrow
Twins who walk with me along the road
A friend to guide me and lighten the load
How can it be, we laugh and have fun,
The clouds have lifted and there is the sun
We’re honouring love…
the gift of our twin
Put back together, feel whole again

Yesterday on facebook someone posted that she had booked for conference. A bunch of other twins commented below and I have found out that one women who wasn’t sure has decided to go. I call her my hug buddy because she was someone who really helped me the first time I went to conference. It’s not an easy thing walking into a room full of strangers. She and I correspond by letters. She is such a sweet lady.
I haven’t registered yet but will have to before March 1. It seems so early for me as I still have so many things to do. A friend I was talking to last night said it’s one more thing on the list.
This is a poem I wrote 5 years ago. I tried to explain in a poem what it feels like to go to conference but I really can’t. It’s a feeling of love so strong that it’s bursting. A connection to other people. A feeling of being whole again. It’s why there is a real emptiness when we go back home. We don’t have to explain why we feel the way we do because other twins get it.
There is a feeling of sadness though because this is the first time that Mom won’t be here to share in it with me. My friend last night said to post pictures on facebook and they will all be there for me. But it’s not the same.


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