I’m proud of me!

Pat on the Back
Growing up my parents never told me they were proud of me. It just wasn’t in their nature. They were both quiet people and just believed in doing a good job without reward. But I do remember in Grade 1 we had to colour a witch for Halloween. I outlined the witch and the pumpkin, coloured in a dark sky and I got a gold star. Dad framed it for me. He hung it up at the end of my bed.
Mom never told us but we knew she was proud of us. She was just proud that we were “good kids”.
My writing teacher tells me often how much I have grown in my writing. I still struggle with accepting the compliment (and that comes from Mom too as she didn’t accept compliments easily either). At the Christmas party she told Mom “you must be so proud”. At the time she didn’t really understand why I write so she didn’t say anything. But after a while she would say “these are good!”
In the past year I have had to learn how to do a lot on my own. Mom was in and out of the hospital and I had to cook for myself. I’m proud that for the most part I have been eating well. I can stretch my groceries and my money for groceries. I have done the banking and am now looking after estate. I’m learning as I’m going because there isn’t a handbook for some of this stuff. I ask questions.
After a really tough year I’m still standing.

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