Five Items
Yesterday I spent the day with a friend of mine from college. We are actually distantly related (which I kidded her once must be the reason we get along so well!). She arrived at 11AM after getting stopped by the train. I don’t know what it was yesterday but we must have had all the agressive drivers out in force.
Our first stop was to the bank to pick up a letter from the estate department. I went up to teller to get money out and for whatever reason my card wouldn’t work. Go over to another person and same problem. While we are waiting she asked my plans for the day. Lunch and dessert. Oh dessert first? No, but I’ve done it. She thought that sounded really nice.
We then went to TH and I got soup and sandwich and my friend had chili. Hey have to leave room for our dessert! Then we went on to Home Outfitters. My friend wondered if there was anything I needed. I was looking for slipcovers but they don’t sell them. I also needed new table lamps as I was using miss matched ones and they didn’t give enough light. I couldn’t decide but found these really cool ones with four glass balls one on top of each other for the base. I also didn’t want to spend over $100 on a lamp. As I was putting them in the cart all I could think was Mom would have hated them and then I laughed. Even though I can buy whatever I want it was like I was still getting one over on her. I was having fun shopping in my mind for my future home. There was a really cool glass side table. Mom was not a fan of a grey couch but I could see with the right accent pillows it would work. In the same plaza there is a Pier 1 store. Mom had been to Home Sense (which is a similar store) with a friend of hers. She thought it was useless stuff. I was telling my friend about all the knick knack type stuff. There were so many reminders of Mom yesterday.
By the time we were finished (after we went to Canadian Tire for light bulbs–you sell lamps but no light bulbs HUH?) we were ready for our dessert. We were greeted by a waiter I had many times and he remembered me. I carried my friend’s gift in. Somebody’s birthday? Technically it’s not yet but we were celebrating early. I told him we were just having dessert. We both ended up having the same thing–lemon cheesecake. It’s no wonder it’s their best seller. It’s pretty but very light. The hard part is figuring out how to eat it because it’s a tower. My friend picked at it from the top…me I tipped it over and went at it.
After he took our order I passed over her gift. On her card is two old ladies and I like to think that will be us. That we will be friends forever. She opened her gift and she cried. That’s how I know I got the right thing. She’s my angel.
I picked up the cheque and the waiter said you’ll need this and gave me a rewards card. Another reminder of Mom because he brought me over two pens and neither one worked well. “A drawer full of pens and none of these work” Mom.
We went back to the house set up the lamps and just chatted. I framed the picture that TAR drew of my family so I passed it over for her. My friend is so wise because she said that T was sent to me by my family. That is why she has such a connection to them.
Thank you my friend for a lovely day. Thank you for your support.

One thought on “A SPECIAL FRIEND

  1. Hi love I’m glad you had a lovely day you really do deserve it. I also have a drawer of useless pens !!! That did make me laugh…..

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