When I first started getting rid of stuff in the house a couple of years ago it was a lot harder than I though it was going to be. I am probably the most sentimental person in my family and my Mom would be a close second. I have written about getting rid of Dad’s tools and I stood in the basement crying because I had so many memories of Dad.
The picture I have included is of our baby bracelets. I found them in Mom’s jewelry box. Janet was born first so I’m RuddB. It’s easy to see where I get my sentimental nature from. She kept our baby quilts, crafts when we were kids, letters.
My Dad was not a sentimental person but he told me I had to keep Janet’s Ernie doll. I was going to get rid of my Grade 8 grad dress but he told me to keep that too. Your Grandmother made that.
There are many times when I think being sentimental is a hindrance. It means I want to keep every letter, every piece of clothing that they wore but it’s just not realistic. Being sentimental means it hurts more. I will pick up a photograph and think I remember that. Or I will look at photos of my parents 25th anniversary and think of all the people who are no longer with us.
Being sentimental means I’m emotional. Income tax is not about money. For me it’s a reminder of Dad and Mom sitting at the table arguing. It’s so clinical because it’s ahout how much income the person made before they died. And repeating the day of her death.
I wrote a poem and put it in the paper for our birthday. I still honour our birthday. Just like I still honour Dad and now Mom. Her birthday is two weeks today. Last year I printed out some of my blog posts and gave it to her for her birthday. Mom never cared what she got.
Easter is early this year. I was looking at the picture from last year and it made me sad. But the good thing is that I know some day I will smile when I look at it.
I still talk to Mom. I can feel all of them guiding me. The thing about being sentimental is my heart is open to signs from them. Love lives on.


2 thoughts on “Sentimental

  1. Very special, Jennifer, just like you are. Thanks for sharing your memories. We’ll be at church Sunday and would love to see you, if you’re up to coming.
    Love, gail

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