I object!


Since I talked about my sentimental nature and objects that mean something to me yesterday I decided to do a different spin on the prompt for today.
Monday and Tuesday nights are my favourite nights of the week because I get to watch The Voice. As much as I enjoy the artists and their stories the real reason I watch is the interaction between the coaches. A couple of times last night Christina thought she had it and then Blake would push his button at the last minute. Then she’ll say “I call foul…that was late!” As much as I like watching Blake and Adam duke it out watching Pharell turn on the charm is fun too. “The snake charmer or smooth operator” is what Adam calls him. Mom wasn’t sure about Pharell at first but he grew on her.
I can sit watching them and will laugh so hard tears are falling down my cheeks.
I love how this show gives people second chances. They build people up. Pharell tells them I’m here to work with you, to hold a mirror to yourself. That’s why they show the story before they sing because it’s about their journey to get there…the struggle.
I love The Voice…Yep

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