The next step

Yesterday I wrote that I had an appointment to view an apartment. I had wanted to live in the same area I live now but I couldn’t find anything I loved and 2 bedrooms weren’t in my price range. So I decided to look a little farther afield but still centrally located.
I emailed a place and was informed they had units available. Thursday morning I was chatting with a friend on facebook telling her that I wished I had someone to go with and she volunteered even though it’s an hour and a half drive for her. I did check out the floor plan and it looked very promising but I was so afraid to get my hopes up.
My friend went to find a place to park after dropping me off. The superintendent was such a sweet lady. Her husband poked his nose out of one of the rooms. She asked if I had a preference since she had one of the third floor and one on the fifth. I opted for 3. The hallways were nice and bright. As soon as I walked in the unit I knew. There is a decent sized entrance way and a little corner where I will put my family picture and a bench to sit to take off your shoes. It has an eat in kitchen plus a dining room. My house isn’t big enough for a table in the kitchen so I think I’ll just use dining room and buy something for storage. Plus I will probably put my grocery cart in the corner.
It’s 2 bedrooms and I get an ensuite! It has walk in shower. It’s about the size of a cruise ship shower but there is another bathroom too so I have a choice. In suite laundry with storage. Not just washer and dryer in a closet.
I get to put my computer in front of the window. It’s near a park and my friend said there is lots of trees. I didn’t go all the way into the room. On one wall I will have pictures my friend drew–probably 6. The other wall will be bookcase.
I didn’t notice what the number was of the unit until she locked up. I suddenly realized that there was a reason I chose the 3rd floor. My parents both died on the 3rd. My grandparents were on the 6th floor in their apartment. My parents had 3 kids. The number 3 comes up a lot in our family. I think that is Mom, Dad and Janet (see three again) telling me they are with me.
It was meant to be.

2 thoughts on “The next step

  1. Jennifer, I can only imagine how difficult this whole process has been for you. I as so happy that you have found the right place and so proud of you for having made the decision and taken the action. It took courage, strength, willpower and determination to move ahead. You have all of those characteristics and deserve only the best!

    Love, gail

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