Organized mess

Right now I am clearing out a 4 bedroom house. I have lived in my house all my life. I haven’t even begun to go through my own stuff yet. The superintendent asked what I’m doing with the bedroom suites. Well my brother’s bed was removed after Dad died. My neighbour is taking the other 2 beds with dressers to donate to someone. It was hard emptying the dressers. I still have to go through the stuff in Janet’s–I just put it on the bed for now.
I don’t know whether it will be easier to move first. A friend said it will make the transition easier. But I haven’t told my brother yet. He knows I found a place. It’s harder for me because I’m doing all the work. I feel like there is a lack of privacy because they have to know what I’m doing with the house. I was on the phone with Bell (our phone company) to figure out what to do with phone. Because I will be going back and forth for a while I wanted to keep Mom’s number active. She said it would probably be easier to set me up with a new account and then close Mom’s once I move. “Easier” took over an hour on the phone. But she put a note for the cancellation department so when I phone back I won’t have to explain what I’m doing. I have to get a new modem and then send Mom’s back. Thankfully I have Ipad so I can still use it at home. I’m glad to be getting a new phone number…it’s a fresh start.
It’s still hard for me to believe that I am going to be living in such a nice place. I believe that Mom has been looking out for me because once I found a place the actual process hasn’t gone fairly smoothly. Even the rep from Bell was talking about her experience selling her parents place and finding treasures. You always hear horror stories about the big companies but I’ve never had any problem with Bell.
I call this post organized mess. I have boxes in the living room. Stuff for junk removal. The basement looks like a disaster area.
As Mom always told me just take it one day at a time. It will get done.

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