“You make a better door than a window”

This is a saying that my Mom used if she was watching tv and we would stand in front of her. If she accidentally did it to me I would just yell out “DOOR”. Of course Janet would do it on purpose.
Growing up I don’t know where my parents got some of the expressions that they used. My brother’s wife had never heard of the expression “gilding the lily”. The youth minister at my former church had never heard of “rubber necking” Rubbernecking is the act of gawking or staring at something of interest (according to the dictionary). We were going to attend a wedding of someone that had been dating for a long time but we weren’t invited.
My Dad had this limerick about pints of ale and my friend said you do realize that it’s math based on counting how many ales you have had. So I told her “well we are Irish”. I still have his book of limericks.
When I was cleaning out my Dad’s dresser I found a box of cufflinks. My Dad always wore a tie pin and when I look at it I think of him. I may send the cufflinks to my brother. I don’t remember my Dad ever wearing any. In later years he usually wore a short sleeve shirt under a suit because he got hot. My brother bought him this really nice black shirt and he wore it often when we went out to dinner. My Dad’s younger brother seemed to have a collection of blue striped shirts.
I’ve been dreaming about my parents a lot lately. I know it’s because I’m moving soon and everything I find brings up a memory for me. Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday and I miss her.


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