My Mom, my friend

Today is my Moms birthday. It’s my first birthday without her. Last year I printed out a bunch of my blog posts and had it put into a book for her. I put this picture on the cover. “I don’t remember this. I look good!” Sometimes she would look at a photo and think she looked old.
The last time I went to the bank to meet with financial planner it was 12:30 when we finished so I walked over to a little diner near there. Mom and I had gone many times for breakfast. We used to go with Grandpa and Grandma. It was different going by myself. I miss going for coffee after going grocery shopping. I miss having someone to talk to while drinking my coffee, I miss having someone to sit at the table with. Growing up we always sad grace at dinner but I don’t always remember now.
she wasn’t just my Mom she was my friend too. She was a good friend to others. She used to sit beside a couple of women downstairs at coffee hour at church. They came over for tea after she had bladder repair surgery. She cries at funerals even if she doesn’t know the person that well.
My friends loved my Mom too. She was the type of Mom that everyone wished they had.
My Mom loved me unconditionally and that was a true gift.
Happy Birthday Mom. I love you.


4 thoughts on “My Mom, my friend

  1. Jenn lovely blog for a wonderful dear mum and friend. Your mum was such a lovely humble lady I loved her Christmas letters always so interesting and keeping us updated. She is sadly missed but her first birthday in heaven with your dad and Janet xxx

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