With a little help from my friends

In the past year I have done a lot of the work on my own of looking after Mom and the house. The woman from the moving company was shocked that I am cleaning out a big house completely on my own. The physical sorting is easier doing it on my own.

I have neighbours that have been really helpful. I currently have a cold but because I have high BP I’m limited to what cold medications I can take. Pharmacist recommended a nasal spray but they were all out. I was talking to my neighbour that day and she drove to another pharmacy and got me some. She’ll also pick me up groceries if she’s going out (if I happen to be talking to her). She drove us to the hospital so we wouldn’t have to take a cab. She also phones just to ask how I am.

My friend DKJ hasn’t physically helped a lot because she is very busy with school but we talk on the phone. Her husband has been a big help with financial advise. Plus listening when I am completely overwhelmed.

I have talked about my friend CB a lot on this blog. She is going to come and help me the day of my move. She took me shopping to buy lamps. She is also someone who has listened to me rant about well you all know!!

The superintendents at my new place have been so helpful too. I haven’t even moved in and it feels like family! I can’t tell you how many friends are so happy for me and my upcoming move. I know that they all feel I deserve some happiness.


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