Easter brunch


Just back from Easter brunch. I got my usual waiter. Yes I have been there often enough to be a regular. Of course I get the wobbly table. I always seem to get the wobbly table…mom and I got it last year. I was the only person there by themselves. I wore Moms fushia pink top that I would have purchased for myself but she already pick it up at the store. It was my way of having her with me…plus its clean!
They had much the same foods as last year. Caesar salad, orzo pasta salad, quinoa salad. I like quinoa salad if someone else makes it. I have a box in the cupboard but have never got up the courage to make it for fear it would be too dry. For main course I had roast beef and bsby carrots. They should have had mashed potatoes. My only complaint!
I had a piece of cake for dessert. By that time I was so full. I got my rewards card out and the waiter was teasing me that I remembered. I don’t even know how many points you need.
At about noon they had a guy playing the piano. They have him play every Sunday. As I was getting my coat on he was playing the song “in my Easter bonnet…” I had to rush out because I was about to cry. I remember Mom singing that. Mom did not have a good singing voice so most of the time we told her “please don’t sing” but that wouldn’t stop her. When she was young they always bought a new hat for Easter.
I didn’t take my camera this year because I could share the photos on Facebook but it isn’t the same.
Happy Easter Dad, Mom and Janet.


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