How to decide what has value?

Throughout the process of cleaning out my family home I have to figure out what I’m going to keep and what I’m going to either throw out or donate. But what I consider “valuable” is probably worthless to someone else. Baby bracelets, a quote from an Oprah magazine that Janet wrote out on a post it note, my Dad’s ratty gardening book. Frivolous is something that has little value. But all of these things are priceless to me.
I have included a picture of a manicure. Something that many would consider frivolous. For me it’s a treat. For one hour I get to be pampered. I can let the outside world drift away. Last year I finally got up the nerve to have a pedicure and it was heaven!
When I was in my early twenties I used to buy a lot of magazines. Oprah mostly but would buy soap magazines too. A couple of times I downloaded it onto my Ipad–no paper waste. But it’s not quite the same as holding a magazine.
Pretty soon I will be able to sit in the park and write in my journal with a cup of coffee. It’s something that I haven’t had time to do for a long time. I avoided doing it at home because when I sat on the deck all I could think about was the grass needed cutting or weeds needed pulling.
It’s the little things that I value but sometimes they become BIG things.


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