Can’t conceal my excitement

Countdown is on to moving day on Friday. I’m excited but anxious about getting everything done. Because I’m putting the house up for sale after I move I don’t have to worry about moving everything because I can go back and forth.
I’m excited to buy new furniture and paint my apartment. No ideas for dining room. I like the idea of red but wonder if I would tire of it? I think I’m just going to do an accent wall in the office. My neighbour asked if I needed help with anything so I may ask her to drive me out to a furniture store. I found a really nice dining set online. I will go to the store but I wanted to get some ideas before I went. I know that I want to buy a loveseat for the office that pulls out for guests.
There is a feeling of contentment knowing that the estate can be finalized soon. That my life can move on.
This is a commercial that I have seen a few times lately. It’s so poignant and it makes me cry every time.


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