A blank canvas

Yesterday my neighbour took me out furniture shopping. I had printed out what I wanted so it would be easier when I got to the store. I went to one that Dad dealt with because 1 it’s big and 2 they have good customer service. The dining set that I liked would have been too big for an apartment so I went with a round table in wood with black leather “parson” chairs. I bought a loveseat that pulls out to a double bed to put in the office bedroom so guests. Originally I was going to get grey and have an accent wall purple but when he showed me one that came in purple I changed my mind. So comfy too. I also bought an ottoman for the front entry to sit and take off shoes. My neighbour was having fun trying out the furniture. When I was done paying (a ding to wallet!) my neighbour said come try this chair out. It’s a recliner that has different adjustments.

I still need curtains for my bedroom. The office bedroom has blinds so I assumed both did. We went to a paint store and got paint chips too. The woman tried to presuade me against yellow “it’s not a colour we paint a bedroom” but I love the colour I have now it reminds me of a sunrise. And shouldn’t your room make you happy? No idea what colour to paint dining room because there is no natural light in it. The colour she suggested is actually the colour I have at home.

While my apartment is a blank canvas it also represents my new life. My neighbour thinks that I should have told my nosey neighbour that I’m moving. But I know that it would make any difference because no matter how often I tell her that it’s going to happen she can’t accept it. This is hard enough for me to leave my home without having to try to ease her into it.

This is my life now. I get to make my own decisions. It was funny picking out paint colours and my neighbour said “I’ll have to ask my husband” I don’t have to do that! There is freedom in not having to ask anyones permission.


3 thoughts on “A blank canvas

  1. Haha! The first time I got to choose my own paint I went for yellow in my bedroom and nearly instantly regretted it. With great power comes great responsibility!

  2. Everything you have done in last seven months has been such an achievement. You are awesome I’m so proud of you. Love sue xxx. If u like yellow and I know u do then you go girl!!!! It’s not a lifelong commitment if you tire of it you can always change it ……..

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