Yesterday was moving day. Movers came at 1pm. My friend arrived at 10:30AM and went to Tim Hortons to pick up lunch for us. I didn’t have a whole lot to move so it was fairly quick. We had to wait a while for the Bell guy to come and it took about 2hrs for him to get it set up. We then went out for dinner to our special place. I got my other usual waiter who asked if we were celebrating anything and I said yes I’m moving today. He’s moving too only the other way around. I moved out of the neighbourhood and he’s moving in. We both had beef wellington and it was so good and we were so hungry that we practically licked the plates. Oh you know you are hungry when they had to bring us extra bread!!
I’m pretty well set up except for a few things I still need at the house–trying not to refer to it as “home”. Printer, scanner, a few more dishes.
I met my neighbour when we went back to the house to get a few more things and I was able to tell him I’m moving out. He said that’s sad and I told him it’s time. He gave condolences for Mom. We exchanged phone numbers so that he can keep an eye on the house and if I need anything. We don’t talk much because he works shift hours so he’s always coming and going.
I don’t have curtains yet but made do by putting a sheet over the window. Need shower curtains too. I love my ensuite! It’s weird but I feel like I’m living at a hotel but this is actually mine! Maybe because the walls are white and there aren’t any pictures on the wall yet.
I think it will take time to get used to the fact that this is my home now. My friend bought me flowers and she put on the card “welcome home”. Another friend bought me something that says “home sweet apartment”. I need to get my family picture up! It’s been a big adjustment losing Mom and this will be an adjustment too. Getting used to the fact that I don’t have to do anything. Superintendents are so kind and helpful. I’ve gotten used to being independent, doing things on my own because I had to.
I will have to have a housewarming party when I get all set up. So many friends want to see my new place. It’s special that the first person that saw it was my friend CB. It means something that she was there for the rough times and is now there for the happy ones too.


4 thoughts on “MOVING DAY

  1. I’m glad I came across your blog. I am enjoying your journey. Life is all about growing forward, I moved last year to a new place. I can relate to things you talk about. Enjoy your new home. Have a blessed weekend. Laurie

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