This morning I woke up and wished I had brought my journal with me. I have time to write now but didn’t have time to pack everything before I moved. People are amazed at how fast I moved but don’t realize that a lot of stuff is still at the house.
Right now handwriting consists of writing out a to-do list. I didn’t have a notepad so my friend used the back of a paper plate. There is so much I still have to do. There are things that need to be done in order to sell the house.
I went to bed early last night and slept really well. Feel more awake today but still a little bit tired. Moving is hard work and I have also been so busy before the move too! It’s so nice to just have a quiet day to myself. I wish I had brought DVDs too because I could have watched something on computer oh well I’ll use Ipad.
I wish I could put into words what it means to live here but I don’t have “clarity” yet. It’s all so new–literally since I’m typing on my new keyboard attached to my new computer and flat screen monitor. I’ve always wanted an ensuite and it feels like living at a hotel only I really live here. But there is a feeling that it’s not quite home yet because I don’t have all my furniture and I don’t have any pictures up. But I know it will come. I have to get the drawing my friend did framed and my beautiful quilt.
This is the beginning of a new journey for me. I realized how much my posts have changed since there is hope in my life now.

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