Things that I enjoy about my new place…
1. Large bedroom. It has a big closet too. Although I will miss the shelves in my old bedroom and I do miss the arch. I put my bed underneath the window because there are angles in the room.
2. Ensuite!! I still remember having to run downstairs to use the bathroom when there were 5 people sharing one full bath. We had a vanity but no drawers. I love having drawers for my pills I have to take. A walk in shower. And so much shelving for towels I couldn’t possibly use it all!
3. In suite laundry. The super showed me how to do it. I think I could’ve figured it out though. And she gave me samples so I have soap to do laundry. So sweet.
4. An extra bathroom for guests.
5. A lovely big room for office and I can look out the window. I miss the view from home but at least it’s light.
6. An exercise room. I haven’t had time to use it but had to take the stairs on the weekend so Ive gotten enough exercise.

Of course the main thing is having people who will help me. The biggest thing is getting used to it. I’ve been alone for a while.
When the house is sold I won’t have any responsibilities and it will be so nice.

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