Yesterday I changed the mailing address for the banks that I deal with. Trying to think of all the places that I need an address change for is hard. I emailed the unofficial RC for Canada. He’s president of TT organization so my address is changed for their files. It also goes in the program for conference. I have a few people that I correspond with. I phoned the diabetes centre but they said they don’t do it until I go in for an appointment. Ok, but how are you going to notify me of appointment without the new number?? I do get mailings from clothing stores but since I mostly buy online it doesn’t matter.
Yesterday I went back to the house to get a few items. Right now I have two residences because I own two until I sell the house. I cancelled Mom’s phone service yesterday. It was actually fairly simple once I got the right department–transferred twice. Of course she asked if there was a problem with the service. Um no she died and I need to cancel it. The people are very sympathetic but they never really know what to say. The Rogers cable tech didn’t know what to do with the box because Mom owns it.
Where I grew up there is a Retirement Residence across the street. My grandfather worked there until he retired. The lived across the street. When I grew up it was a family oriented neighbourhood but now the houses are being turned into duplexes–more money. People stay in the neighbourhood forever.
Where I live now I am surrounded by apartments. I didn’t realize there were so many. But I’m also very close to a park, the art gallery and Eldon House. I had tea with my friend CB there in the summer.
Neighbourhoods all have a different vibe. I lived in my neighbourhood for a long time but I am amazed at how much this place feels like home too. I think Mom sent these wonderful superintendents to help me. People that have taken me under their wing.
A few friends have said I need to have an apartment warming party. I know that friends are happy for me. I can share the joy with them after so much sadness.


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