Life moves faster when you get older

Remember when you were young and everything seemed so far away? Maybe it was because we had less patience then…I know I did. It took forever for Christmas to come and I had to wait to open presents?
I can remember when I was little and 40 seemed so old but I’m now the same age my Dad was when we were born. I now understand more when he seemed old because he had a lot happen in his life. There are days when I feel like I have experienced a lot in my short life.
When I was young I couldn’t wait to become an adult but I don’t think I really realized what becoming an adult meant. Living at home I had little responsibilities until my twin died. Being an adult means doing things that I didn’t want to do. Last night I was thinking that there is a great sense of independence now paying rent, buying furniture, paying my own phone bill and cable. Changing address. But it also means looking after Mom’s estate, looking after the house.
The past 7 months have sped by. Moving day came crazy quick and I still have a bunch of stuff at home to get. I remember last July when my friend JB told me that the TT conference was going to be held in Detroit. People plan to go every year but for me I can plan a year in advance. Now it’s only a few months away–wow. There is still a lot to get done before that but it’s nice to know I can go to conference and not have to worry about anything.
There are people that have there days full so they are never bored but that isn’t me. I want life to slow down so that I can enjoy the simple things. Going for a walk in the neighbourhood, going for a manicure (which I desperately need!) just sitting down to read a book. Yesterday my loveseat was delivered. It’s purple (a little darker than lavender) and I put it in the office because it pulls out for guests. I think the guy wondered why I was putting it in the office. It just fits too. The rest of my stuff is on “back order” so I’m still eating on a card table with one chair. I ordered drapes online for bedroom. The living room is quite long and I have no idea about furniture placement!
Last night I was thinking about what it would be like if Janet lived here with me. Would we have fought over which one of us got the bigger bedroom? How much fun it would be to have someone to eat with in the morning. To stand in the kitchen cooking with her. Picking out furniture together and pictures. Watching a movie together. She would make me go down to exercise room. She would fold our clothes once they came out of dryer. I know she’s not physically with me but I can imagine her here.
They’re not faraway they are with me everyday!

3 thoughts on “Life moves faster when you get older

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