The living room

A fellow blogger made suggestions for furniture placement so I thought I would post a photo for reference. The one wall near the bathroom on the right I’m going to put a bookcase. At the very end is entryway and there will be a large ottoman. The trick is the wall looking start ahead as I don’t want to block the entry to dining room at the back.
Any suggestions are welcome!


7 thoughts on “The living room

  1. I don’t have enough of an interior decorator’s design sense to comment, but I do wish you well as you deliberate. Having moved for the umpteenth time in my life, I’ve found that just about anything can be made to “work.” Good luck!

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    • Purchased a sectional but found out today when they delivered that it’s too big. Basically I can only fit a loveseat in the doorway. Advice on furniture to go with it to fill up the space?

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