Things that are tricky

Things that are tricky…
1. Restocking pantry when you move especially since I don’t drive. I’m getting groceries delivered for the second time tomorrow. I forgot flour, spices, cleaning products. So thankful for grocery delivery as I would never be able to do this on my own. And the convenience of it is worth every penny!!
2. Cutting your finger nails with your opposite hand.
3. Cleaning the shower. Now that I have a walk in it will be easier but at my old home I used to have to stand in the shower to do it.
4. Friendships and facebook unfriending. Sometimes people aren’t who you think they are.
5. Relatives. Notice I didn’t say “family”. I have friends that are more family than my blood relations. My cousin’s wife and my friend CB have been more family to me in the past year than the ones that are blood.
6. My Aunt. Every time I talk to her she brings up that I should learn how to play Euchre. Huh? I suck at playing cards and I’m not a senior!! Oh and the fact that she is “frugal” means I have to bite my tongue a lot!
7. Nosey neighbours–nuf said!
8. Going back and forth between the house and my apartment. I’m going every other day (approximately).
9. Cleaning out a house and figuring out what to keep.
10. Furniture placement. At my house it was easy but with a long narrow room it becomes harder! What colour couch to buy, art, what style of bookcase? Do I want a buffet in the dining room?
11. Learning how to live my life alone and grieving for all that I have lost. I know that I have been so busy that it hasn’t really sunk in yet.

Things that are easy at my new place
Laundry–no more going down to the basement and lugging basket up 2 flights of stairs to bedroom
Help hanging drapes and putting up a picture. I am not handy!!
No more taking the trash out in the rain or snow!! It’s literally across from me. AHH

5 thoughts on “Things that are tricky

  1. I noticed that long living room is really a problem for you…it seems to pop up frequently. so I thought “oh go for it, Suze, just give unwanted advice”….lol..try making two groupings in the room instead of worrying about ONE huge room. ya know, you could have a “living room” set up on one end and then an “office” setup..or a reading nook…or a computer play place…..the room doesn’t have to have a wall to be two rooms….put a sofa smack in the middle, a table behind it with a few lamps and voila you have a wall…..hang in there. it isn’t easy learning to be alone, but you seem a strong person and you have a huge bunch of us wishing you well right here in the blogosphere. ❤

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