A Walk in the Park

Living in Canada it still snows in April…at least my part of the country. Yesterday we got a light dusting but it had melted by noon. Right now the grass is a mixture of green and brown. But pretty soon it will be warm enough for buds to start for flowers and trees. I have two trees outside my balcony window one even has a nest in it.
This is the first year I am excited to be able to go for a walk in the park. I can go to the festivals in Victoria Park. Ribfest! I always intend to go but never seem to get there. They always have near crafts and now I can buy stuff for my place. Of course everyone teases me about Rock the Park but this year I will be a twins conference.
I think it’s different now. I couldn’t go for walks in my neighbourhood because I did it with Janet. The first time I walked to the local library a woman whose daughter is a year older than me saw me and she came back in her house and cried. Her husband helped Mom and Dad with some legal stuff and he told them.
I do miss looking out to Dads garden from my computer room. I would see birds, squirrels. Watch the flowers grow. Now I look at apartments and probably about 4 people walking their dogs in half an hour. Doggie central!! And I thought my old neighbourhood was bad!
I haven’t been to see the lights at Victoria Park for years. A friend of mine lives in Australia and will be in my city visiting family for Christmas. She misses Victoria Park at Christmas. It will be more fun sharing it with someone else!
Soon it will be spring. A time of growth. Rebirth.


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