FUTURE–Photo Challenge

I took this picture almost a week after moving in to my new apartment. As you can see it’s still pretty bare. I took it from the balcony so I could get a sense of the entire room.
I bought a love seat that pulls out to a double bed for the office for guests. The apartment has two bathrooms so the guests will have privacy. I had to purchase furniture in installments so I wouldn’t go over credit limit.
The wall facing the camera was tricky and I couldn’t figure out what to put there but now I have it! The wall to the right is going to have a bookcase and then I’m going to have a desk/table to put mail and that will be my writing desk. Above it will be pictures that my friend drew framed. I’m going to have to do it vertically instead of horizontally like I originally intended.
The first time I went to see this apartment I instinctively knew that this was the one. I was like “they” took everything that I had ever wished for and put it in an apartment. The office is going to be my reading room. I have a table to write. A large kitchen with a specific area and cupboards for coffee. An ensuite with walk in shower. In suite laundry…no more carrying baskets up two flights of stairs to bedroom level.
When I moved I thought I would feel more sad. You know in the movies when they turn for the last time before turning the key…I didn’t feel that. Perhaps because the house is still there. But now when I go back to the house it just seems empty. I also think it’s because the house has been empty for a long time.
As soon as I found a place to live things came together very quickly. Even dealing with the cable and phone company was fairly smooth. It’s like the universe was saying we know things haven’t been easy and you deserve this.
My future includes travelling, writing and oh yeah…a couch.


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