I don’t get a newspaper anymore. When the subscription was up I didn’t bother to renew. Of course they ask why you aren’t renewing and I couldn’t say because it’s too expensive.
When Janet and I would walk home from church or take the bus we would stop off at a variety store and get a Sunday Toronto Star. I still did it until my Dad died because I enjoyed doing the crossword. I would put it at one end of the dining room table and Dad would get up in the morning and work on it a bit. We rarely ever finished it but it was fun doing it together.
Newspapers are a shared experience. My neighbour agreed with me. She and her husband sit at the kitchen table with their coffee and read it. Some people read it in bed. My Dad had to read the paper front to back. He would start with the first section and work his way through. When Mom was sick I rarely had time to read the paper. When she was in the hospital I would take the paper to her because it gave her something to do. I would help her with the jumble word and then she would get annoyed because I got it faster than her.
My other neighbour asked me if I miss having a paper since it’s a routine but it no longer became my routine. She doesn’t have cable or internet so what else does she have to do? But I also know that I have to find out about someone dying through word of mouth. I found out that Central Library was closed on facebook. I do watch the 6 o’clock news…not every night but fairly regularly.
I can get a lot of my information online. They no longer print phone books because everyone finds it online. Travel info…online. Want to get directions…google maps.
I still like to get grocery flyers because I can look through them easier than scrolling on the screen.
I don’t know whether newspapers are obsolete but technology is definitely changing how we get our information.

2 thoughts on “Newspaper

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  2. I actually read a newspaper more now that I can read it on my iPad (other tablets are available!) so I think technology may be taking over, but can actually help distribution of news.

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