When I moved I didn’t think I would sleep well but after the first night when my legs were so sore I couldn’t sleep I slept really well. I think it was because things were more settled in my life. I’m a worrier. After Mom died there were days when I would lie awake at 2AM thinking about all the stuff I had to do. Thinking about my family in heaven, if I could have done anything differently.
I am now at the age when I go to bed when I am tired even if that means at 9pm. Yesterday I went back to house to pick up cable box to take back to store, CPU to take to get documents transferred, printer and scanner, and we made a stop at the grocery store. We lugged in boxes to my apartment and by night time I was yawning. It’s tiring but it’s also a feeling of accomplishment.
I bought what they call black out drapes for my bedroom. It’s nice because I no longer wake up with the sun. And it’s nice and dark to take a nap.
I got to give my friend the official tour yesterday. She came in and said “your apartment is HUGE”. I did have to laugh when she went into the bathroom and asked where the light was. She couldn’t believe all the storage and the size of the kitchen.
She got me a sign that says “HOME SWEET APARTMENT”
And it is

3 thoughts on “Bedtime

  1. I’m sorry you lost your mom. I didn’t sleep after my mom died. I longed to sleep and dream of her. Now I am not sleeping because my husband recently had unexpected triple bypass surgery. We are lucky. All is well. But I have so many fears and worries. So I don’t sleep. Wishing you the best.

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