My Mom bought me a new suitcase for Christmas in 2007. How do I remember the year? Because it was after I went to Vancouver and I used what we had. They certainly weren’t wheeled! It’s purple. My brother said that’s a good colour because I would be able to find it easily. My dad kidded that I must be going somewhere with that!
My next big trip was when Mom and I went on a cruise at Christmas time in 2009. I took my suitcase and a garment bag. The garment bag Janet bought me for Christmas. Mom and Janets were both on sale. I know you aren’t supposed to tell someone that but luggage is expensive and we tried to keep to a budget.
I’m one if those people that always seems to take too many clothes when I go on vacation. When I go to conference the hotels are freezing so I have to wear pants. But then I have to change for the walk because it’s 40 degrees outside. Since its in Detroit I can bring snack food with me.
Whenever Mom went on vacation she had to borrow my camera. Thankfully my digital one was fairly simple to use. Oh my goodness remember when we had to buy film and when you got them developed you would pray that the majority of them would turn out!
The train and bus stations are downtown. If I take the bus home on a Friday I see all the students with their big suitcases or duffel bags going home for the weekend. I’ve seen some people use the small wheeled ones for work.
When I came home from Vancouver there was a yellow piece of paper in my luggage. I pulled it out and it said airport personnel had to open my luggage because I had an electric shaver and it went off in transit. My Dad thought that was the funniest story! From that point on I took the batteries out! The first time I flew I had a container of American coins. When my purse went through the scanner it beeped like crazy so I get wanded. Open your purse!! What’s in that? Change. Yep that would do it. Of course Janet laughed and laughed. Only you!!

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