Yesterday I went back to the house to do some more sorting. I cleaned out my closet and found things I had forgotten I purchased. I found a desk organizer for pens, scissors note paper. I don’t know what to do with my yearbooks because I don’t have anyone to pass them on to.
In my house we have a lot of closet space. A nice hall closet which had ample room for coats and boots, shoes for 5 people. The only bedroom that had a small closet was my brothers but he had a mates bed with storage. We have a HUGE linen closet in the hallway. There is a closet in the basement too but we never used it. It’s work going through so many closets though. Sorting through clothes. I’ve lost count how many bags of garbage I’ve taken out. Things that were once important I now look at and wonder why I kept it.
But I also found treasures that Mom kept that I can display in my new home.
My new home has closets galore. Most apartments don’t really have much of an entryway and a small hall closet. Mine is big. There is a linen closet in the ensuite and a large closet in the second bedroom. My friends kidded me that it’s a good excuse to buy more clothes.
When I was looking after Mom there were some days when I would throw stuff into the hall closet and shut the door fast. I watch the home shows on the Women’s Network and they always show walk in closets. Who needs that much storage? I dont understand it because I don’t have that many pairs of shoes.
We don’t think about our closets but we need them!

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