Right now I have two sets of keys one for the house and one for my apartment. I have two special key chains. The one for my house key I have had since 1986. It has a canadian flag on it and Janet and I both got one at a family reunion because we were the only set of twins there. As I am sitting here writing this I don’t know why I was the only child that had a key to the house. Usually Janet and I went out together and if Rob went out he just took Moms key. But why wasnt Janet the keeper of the key since she was the oldest? My apartment key chain was given to me by a friend for Christmas. It has a hook to attach to your pant loop or to your purse. It says u r strong and it’s pink. I told my friend that I was using it and she was quite pleased. I thought it was appropriate for my fresh start.

Mom was the one who locked all the doors before going to bed. My Dad was a letter carrier so he had to get early so he went to bed early. After Mom died there were a couple of nights when I forgot to lock the side door. I had never had to do it before unless I was coming home from somewhere.

If Mom was out I would lock the doors if I was outside doing yard work. I’d leave the basement door open to get back in but it can’t be accessed by the road. We kept our front screen door locked after coming home one day to it wide open. Luckily I always keep the inside one locked. It was pretty scary and the captain for neighbourhood watch said nothing that police can do unless you catch them in the act. Comforting isn’t it.

My Mom was the type of person who would lock her keys in the car. After Dad died she gave me the second set so we always had an extra one when we went somewhere. It also meant that I could take groceries or packages out to the car.

We always use the side door because it’s closest to the driveway. In high school we would bring frienfs home and we always went in the side door. The first time my friends daughter came with the rest of her family she told her Mom aren’t we going in the front door and her sister said no they don’t use it. I tell friends that’s how you know you are family. Guests use the front door.


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