A better year

The prompt for today is titled disappointment. Originally when I had to drop out of writing class I was disappointed because I thought I would have time to go. I felt like Mom would have been disappointed that I had to give up something I love AGAIN because of looking after her estate. But when I found out what the theme of the classes was going to be I knew that I wasn’t ready to do an inner pilgrimage. On the back of our name card we had to write I AM and each week we would add to it. When Janer died I became Twinless. When Dad had cancer I was a caregiver. I was an advocate. I guess the biggest thing is learning who I am without them.

My disappointment in the apartment that I originally wanted to live turned into a plus when I found this place. It’s everything that I ever wanted in an apartment.
A twin friend of mine had her flight changed so now she can come and stay with me for a few days. Something bad turned into something really good!
This year I have many things to look forward to. A better year.

One thought on “A better year

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