Borrowing clothes

Being a twin meant that Janet and I borrowed each other clothes. We were always the same size. There wasn’t a lot that we borrowed because our styles were different. Janet was what Mom called “tailored” while I would wear the frilly stuff. You would think because we were twins we could wear the same colours but that wasn’t the case. Janet looked great in hunter green, bright red where as I’m pink, royal blue, purple. I guess you could say she’s more warm colours and I’m cool colours. She and Mom gravitated to the same colours so she would often borrow from Mom too.
We were going out to a family dinner with Dads siblings at his sister’s country club. Janet didn’t have much clean to wear so she borrowed a skirt of mine. It was red with yellow and pink flowers with a ruffle at the knee. It was hot that day and Janet had pantyhose on. My cousin said you could take them off when we got back to my aunts house and Janet told her “nobody wants to see my white pasty legs.” There are pictures of us when we were 8 with a gorgeous tan but we didn’t when we got older. I’m not so self conscious about my white legs I will go without pantyhose in the summer now.
When I was going through Moms closet there were some t-shirts that fit me so I put them in the keep pile. Mom liked her nightgowns nice and roomy so I could wear those too. I’m keeping her favourite pair of pyjamas and what her friend called her fancy dinner shirt. Like Janet she liked red too.
When I went to my first twins conference in Toronto the t-shirt was bright red like our flag red and white. I almost cried when I put it on because it was the exact colour that Janet would wear.
After my sister and mother died going through the closet was hard. These were clothes that they wore. They still had their scent. Memories of events where they wore them.


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