It’s Entertainment

If you have watched tv the past few days all the entertainment outlets have been talking about the “tiff”, feud (what does one call it) between Kelly and Michael. And people take sides. Good for her for sticking up for herself, he’s a nobody, she’s a child for walking off the set.
One of the arguments is that you wouldn’t be able to do that in the real world. But it’s not the real world! Their job is to entertain. It’s all about ratings. How many of the talk shows have to plug some product in order to pay for the show.
I watch The Talk at 4pm. Very rarely do I agree with their positions on topics of the day but it’s THEIR opinion not mine. I watch Cityline which is a lifestyle show based out of toronto. I think the host is a total airhead (Mom couldn’t stand her) but I’m watching it for the experts not for her. It’s fun watching Home Day on Thursdays to get design ideas.
I enjoy watching Marilyn Dennis because I think she’s a what you see is what you get type of person.
It’s mindless entertainment for an hour. Nothing wrong with that.


One thought on “It’s Entertainment

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