When life throws you a curveball

Recently I was talking to a friend on Facebook that is going through a rough time. She said “why doesn’t anyone tell you that life is going to be this hard?” I have friends that are dealing with things that are out of their control.
In my life I have learned how to be strong because I had to. Nobody can teach me how to deal with adversity. When Janet died I was on my own until I found the Twinless Twin support group. As great as my friend were they weren’t twins. They couldn’t understand the pain of losing my sister, my twin, my best friend. And most had never lost anyone that close to them.
When my Dads tumour came back I was mad at God because I didn’t want to lose another family member. you know the saying “why do bad things happen to good people?” that is what I struggled with. I’ve had friends tell me that God made me stronger.
I am looking forward to going to conference in July. To be able to ask my questions. To feel the love of people that understand.


2 thoughts on “When life throws you a curveball

  1. Ball in itself is curve and on top it a curveball seems to be too much to handle sometimes.
    Boy I agree. It is life that always wants to throw.
    To feel the Love of people that understand is one great feeling.
    Come Dear there are so many in this world.
    You are welcome to my Blog.

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