Friends who come to my aid

Sunday I spent most of the day in the hospital. I woke up with excruciating pain in my right side. They ran tests but didn’t find anything conclusive. I produce too much protein in urine so I take meds to protect my kidneys. Because I have had to do so much on my own I have a hard time asking for help. I guess you could say it’s an “obstacle”. I had my cellphone on me so I phoned friends whose number I knew off by heart. On Monday I was supposed to go out furniture shopping with my neighbour so I had to phone her to cancel. She is going to take me to Dr on Thursday. There are times when I feel really alone because I don’t have any family but my friends are my family now.

I feel abandoned by my brother. I told him I ended up in the hospital but he is still sending me daily emails about stuff do with the estate and house. Not realizing that stress probably contributed to me being in the hospital in the first place. But how do I tell him that he is the cause without accusing him? It’s the saddest thing knowing he doesn’t even care enough to ask how I am.

People tell me that I just have to hold on a little longer but I no longer have the strength to be strong.


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