Why do I write?

Raison D’être
jandj1998When I first started this blog I didn’t write everyday. Last January I decided as my New Years resolution I would write everyday. Caring for my Mom made it difficult somedays to do it but it gave me a purpose. It was something that was mine away from the stress of caring for her.
I wrote to get the emotions out. The main purpose of this blog was to share my story of being a twin. But it morphed into stories about my family. The most liked posts are ones when I talk about who they were. They were important to me and I don’t want them to be forgotten.
I have grown so much as a person from writing this blog. My writing teacher has told me my writing has grown. There is freedom in not searching for anyone’s approval. Growing up I didn’t have praise from my parents so I always just did the best I could. Someday I want to write our story. Being a twin wasn’t always easy. We stood out.
We loved each other uncondionally and I will never have that with anyone else. She will always be my best friend.

3 thoughts on “Why do I write?

  1. I guess we all have reasons for blogging. My experience started over 15 years ago. I’ve learned a lot about life in that time, and I think my posts reflect that I am different. My posts sometimes confuse friends; yet to me they make perfect sense. I’m glad you feel comfy writing about your thoughts. Keep going. Best wishes to you from Brisbane, Australia.

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