Double Stroller

Since today is Mothers Day I took some liberties with the word “stroll”.
My parents didn’t know they were having twins until my Mom went into labour. Ultrasounds were just coming in around the time my brother was born 2 years later but they were really only used if there was something wrong. One of us was always behind the other one so the Dr found two heart beats. Mom was sure he was wrong. My grandfather had joked that she was having two because she gained weight pretty quickly. They had a name picked out for one girl but quickly had to come up with another.
My grandparents were thrilled. My grandfather said “one for each of us”. In pictures Janet was always with grandpa or Dad. My grandmother helped them get set up with an extra crib and car seat. We wore blue and pink for a while.
Mom didn’t go out with us too much because it was such a chore. She tried to have grandma go too. I can’t even imagine having three car seats in the back of a car. Dad was 41 when we were born so his siblings thought it was the funniest thing.
When we were babies we had lots of relatives come and visit. We had lots of pictures with Moms brother and sister-in-law. Of course we were sleeping in every picture but it was pretty sweet.
When we were older Mom would take us out for lunch for PD days. We always went to Mothers for pizza and root beer floats. In the summer we would drive somewhere a short distance away and go for a picnic.
Of course I can’t talk about my Mom without mentioning going to guide camp. It was in a low lying area and we always came home with many mosquito bites. It did not have indoor plumbing. Mom used to tell us you are such city kids!! We must have been pretty ripe by the time we got home! Janet hated it and Mom said “I’m never going to live this down am I?” And we went more than once.
One of my Moms favourite expressions was “it won’t be as bad as you think”. That sometimes we make things worse than they end up being. And 75% of the time she was right.
When I came home from the hospital my friend and I were talking about how the inner voice in our head sounds like our Mothers. Mom would even tell people on the phone “if I tell Jennifer to do something she will do the opposite” and I would yell out “I’m still in the room!” But it was true. I had to do things MY WAY. It wasn’t that I was being bad I just had to do it a different way.
Happy Mothers Day Mom!


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