House is sold

On Monday I got an email from my brother with regards to offer for house. We have sold it privately. I am so relieved that it will be finalized before I go to conference in July.
My friends have said in emails that it must be sad but it’s not. It changed after Dad died. Our whole house was taken up with medical supplies and equipment. The garden was Dads love and it wasn’t the same without him there to help me. When Mom was sick my only safe haven was my computer room and bedroom. I cried when I first starting getting rid of stuff. I cried when Dads tools went because it was like his presence was in them. I’ve had a lot of time to come to terms with this. I no longer have to cut the grass or take out garbage or shovel snow. It’s time for me to have less responsibilities…I’ve earned it.

The sadness comes from leaving the neighbourhood. I’m going to remain at Turners Drug Store because they know my history and they give good customer service. Wednesday I went to Valumart for groceries and the cashier said “let me guess came in for two things” and I laughed because she was right. Went out with two bags. My neighbour who has been helping me commented on how much change is in the neighbourhood.

I know that I will grow to love this neighbourhood too.


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