Christmas 1976This afternoon friends of mine helped me clean out the rest of the upstairs closets. Of course I found more photo albums. We sat on the couch in the living room going through a couple. One was photos from a class trip to Quebec and she found her sister in one of the photos. Another had photos of us at our 2nd birthday party. We wore cute pink outfits that my grandmother made. We are holding hands walking around my grandparents backyard. When I look at it I see our bond.
We also found an envelope of black and white professional photographs of Moms ancestors but she had no idea who they were. I found a couple of photos from my Uncles first marriage. I had never seen them before. Of course I had heard of her because Mom had her as maid of honour at her wedding. My grandmother wore a bright blue suit. A colour I have never seen her wear before. There were more pics from their childhood which I will have to pass on to my Uncle. He is so appreciative of them. He treasures the photos of his grandfather because he and Mom loved him dearly.
It was ironic that I also found an envelope of photos of a picnic we had when we must have been about 10 or 11 at the park where I now live.
I feel like I’m the keeper of the photos now. So many faces, so many memories.


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