Things I underestimated

1. How much paperwork is involved in an estate. I had some idea from my Dad but that was relatively simple compared to this! I naively thought that as long as she had a will it would be simple.
2. And secondary to the first point how many times I would have to go to the bank. Part of me feels guilty for saying this because there are people that would be very happy to have my problem. As I have said before I have a hard time thinking of it as MY money as opposed to Moms.
3. How long it would take to clean out the house. Friends tell me I have done so much and I shouldn’t be hard on myself.
4. The adjustment to living in an apartment. It took me a while to get used to this was my home, for a while it felt “temporary”. I couldn’t believe I lived here.
5. Friends. This is two fold…the ones that I thought would be there for me and the ones that came to my aid.

Did I underestimate myself? There were times when I felt this would never be over. I knew that eventually it would be but going through it I didn’t even know what I was doing and yet it felt like I was pushed into the deep end of the pool and told now swim! Obviously I have gone through a lot and learned a lot.


One thought on “Things I underestimated

  1. Non one ever prepares us for the loss of a parent. It is even harder when we are the one left picking up the pieces of their passing. It seems to last forever..we feel constantly at drift…nothing feels normal. It does end eventually. We get “used to” living in a new place, being unable to talk things over with the very people we have lost….things do get better and easier. It is a timeline that we all go through reluctantly ever waiting for it to end. Be aware that when it does “end” you will be left not with a feeling of accomplishment but an additional loss. For while we were trudging thru the detritus of the chores from their passing, now everything is truly over. Realize then you are not alone…there is someone else that has been thru it and empathizes with you. bless you.

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