I brought home a box of photos that were in envelopes. I recognize the box because it was my grandparents. They are photos of my Mom with her brother and parents when she was young. There are some when she is 20 years old and Janet looks so much like her. In looks yes but it’s definitely the facial expressions. Although there is one where she is grinning cheekily at the camera and that is definitely me! When I was growing up there was nothing I liked more than looking through old photos. My grandma had a brownie camera so they had lots of photos. My Dad only had two of when he was young and there are no baby pictures. It was one thing my cousin remarked on when she was gathering together pictures for her Dad’s funeral.
I just love looking at old photos from many generations ago. The women in the formal dresses with cameos and the men stood solemnly behind. Usually a baby in their lap dressed in a long white dress. One had to have money to have one done. Of course I have no idea who these people are but it’s really neat to look at. There was also an envelope of letters from Aunt Louie (my Moms great Aunt). They are still in good condition. It will be a nice Sunday afternoon activity to read them.
My generation won’t have this connection to the past. Although there are advantages to digital photos because they take up less room than albums. I’m going to have to scan some of the photos to save room! But we certainly don’t print them off and put them in an album. We send emails so we will never have the piece of paper to read many years after we are gone. Then again would my Uncle want the letters that I found? Janet and I used to say we were born in the wrong generation because we are letter writers.
A friend of mine from public school reposted a class picture that I posted on Facebook. I remarked how my grandmother made us wear skirts for class pictures even though every other girl wore jeans. But I realize as an adult that she was trying to teach us to be ladies to take pride in our appearance. My friend said yeah I wish people still taught that to their girls because it’s appalling what they wear to school nowadays. I was telling my friends the story of going out to dinner with my Dad’s oldest sister and Rob was going to wear jeans. My Dad told him unless you change your pants you aren’t going! My brother didn’t think he would do it but he did.
That is why photographs are so special. They capture a moment in time.


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