The other day I was looking through baby albums with my friends. The one I have known since I was in grade 3 (she’s a year older than me). They’ve been married for 20 years so I feel like I’ve known him forever too. She asked me if I knew which one was which as a baby and I dont. I was usually on the left and Janet on the right but to look at it no. I can when we are about a year. Even as babies I can see the bond. There are pictures where we are staring at each other. The photo of our second birthday where we are holding hands. It really is instinctual, the connection.

Our firsts were done together. I walked before Janet at about 13 months. Apparently she had to watch me and saw “ok if she can do it so can I”. We were separated in grade 1. I screamed the whole way to school but mom said janet thrived in it.

Growing up we had to share everything. We would usually get one big present between us. It’s why as “adults” we didn’t share well. We would go to church and asked if we could share our bulletin and we said we don’t share. Although if there was only one cookie left we would break it in half to share.

Janet and I both liked to cook so we would share the work. I would usually prep and she would cook. And of course I would have to clean up after her as we went along. After she died I burnt food because my rhythm was off.
The biggest thing we shared was laughter. As babies Mom said we had our own language. When we got older we would laugh at things that only we thought were funny. We had an amazing memory for commercial jingles. There was one with singing cats that she loved and I thought was iratating.

I love you my bud

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