This is the name of the area where I grew up. Growing up it was full of families with children around the same age as us. It was a fabulous neighbourhood to go trick or treating although houses on one street ran out of candy very early. I am old enough to have lived in a time when we got apples and popcorn balls.
We lived within a 5 min walk to public school and high school. Our high school was named South. It was a very academic school. We were solid B students but there were certain students that won all the awards.
Giving out directions to my house I use landmarks. Coming off the highway I tell people turn left at Pizza Hut. Coming from the North end I tell people turn at the drug store. It was very convenient living within walking distance to a bank, grocery store, library, coffee shop, gift shop.
Where I live now I’m across from two parks depending on which direction I go. Yesterday I walked to a little cafe for lunch and on the way back stopped in a cooking shop and bought some placemats. There is also a custom framing place where I need to take my quilt. When I was walking back there were incredible smells from the restaurants around.
South was good but North isn’t bad either.

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