Furniture purchased!

I went out to furniture store this morning on my own. I was going to go with friends but neither time worked out because she got sick then I got sick.
I was wandering around and found a sectional that I liked but they were all grey or brown. Finally a salesclerk came over and I told him I wanted a red one. I said I wanted some colour “let me guess it’s builders beige”. They custom order on the one I was looking at. He pulls out the fabric and I picked the brightest one. We head back to his desk and she says “oh It comes with pillows” so had to pick out coordinating pillows. It’s black and red and brown. And it comes with 4. He asked what colour my window coverings are but I haven’t gotten to that yet! I choose red because it’s Janet’s favourite colour. It’s my way of including her in my place. I think she would be pleased.
I also FINALLY got a bookcase which will be delivered next week. Yay now I can display my stuff. The things that will make it Jennifer’s place. Plus all the stuff is stored in the spare bedroom at the moment.
There was something quite grown up about picking my own stuff. It’s fun…well until I have to pay. Although I saved the tax. I think because of the holiday weekend to get people in to the store. I feel relieved that I have furniture for living room on the way!


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