Songs serve many purposes

Songs serve many purposes.
At the house I would blast music when I was cleaning. Usually uptempo songs. Our tradition was to put on Christmas music when we were decorating the tree…it would get us in the mood. They would have a hymn sing the Sunday after Christmas and Mom would always pick “Go tell it on the mountain” because it wasn’t one we sang anymore but she liked it. People would always pick the traditional hymns.
For my sisters funeral my friends sang “Power of your love”. For my Dads my Mom picked “In the garden”. I come to the garden alone…it had double meaning for me because I wouldn’t be gardening with Dad anymore.
When I felt depleted I would put on Brave or The Climb and just listen to them over and over. Some days I will put on a sad song to get the emotions out. You raise me up by Josh Groban is a song that I associate with my Dad and Janet.
I watch the tv show The Voice. A finalist will pick a song that is associated with a certain singer. It doesn’t matter how well they sing it I comp are it to the original. There isn’t anybody that I have really connected with this season. There just isn’t the WOW factor for me. If I had to put money on it it looks like Alisan Porter.


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