What I learned from a shoebox

Last night I emptied out a box of stuff. In the box was a shoebox full of cards from when my Dad died. There was a card from a couple that lives down the street that said how Dad was a staple in the neighbourhood…outside gardening…and how it seems unreal not to see him there anymore. We weren’t close to these neighbours but it was really touching that she took the time to write that. There were so many cards that the box was full. It made me realize how many people cared for Mom.
People don’t really know what to say for two losses so close together and they know there is nothing they can say that will make it better. I got an email from a twin recently who said I have a difficult time putting myself in your shoes. At first I didn’t know what she meant and then I realized because she hasn’t experienced it.
I found birthday cards from Mom and our Fathers Day cards the year my Dad died. That was a bad day because he didn’t know who we were but I think Rob and I both did it for ourselves. It was also the same day as my Birthday so it was doubly hard!
A card or a letter is something that we can send to someone to show we care. The sentiment is still there almost 7 years later.


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