Countless Memories

Today my bookcase is being delivered. I am so excited to be able to display my things so I can personalize the space. Cleaning out my closet in my former bedroom I found a little teddy bear that my sister gave me for Christmas. They were selling them at the grocery store at Christmas time and there was a set. I’m going to put other bears on there too. They aren’t just “objects” they all have memories attached.

My brother took a bag of photo albums to my Moms brother. He posted a couple on Facebook. My profile picture is of me and Mom on the cruise. My twin friends usually post their favourite photo of them and their twin on their birthday. We all want to remember that happy time that we shared with them. At the same time it does make us sad because they are no longer with us.

The year after Janet died around the time of my birthday we got a flyer advertising a lobster dinner at the inn down the street. Dad decided that he was going to treat me for my birthday. I had never had lobster before and told him I didn’t really want him to spend that much. But once he got something into his head there was no changing his mind. The hydro went out soon after we finished our meal so we were lucky. Looking back it wasn’t about the food but the fact that he wanted to make the day special.

As I write this I have tears because memories are happy and sad at the same time.


2 thoughts on “Countless Memories

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